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Dirty carpets are a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and mites and that lead to health problems for your family

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Environmentally Safe Carpet Cleaning

A1 Carpet & Upholstery cleaning is your local trusted Perth Professional Carpet Cleaners Perth; where our 15 years of experience ensures we can restore your carpet to new. Our modern equipment and environmentally friendly Residential Carpet Cleaning Perth methods enable us to remove any type of carpet stain. No job is too big or small for the A1 Carpet & Upholstery team.

From pet stains to food or beverage stains or general dirt build-up over time, we can expertly clean your stained carpets, returning them to new.

All Natural Family & Pet Safe Chemicals.

Our residential carpet cleaning will ensure your carpets are sparkling clean and smelling fresh.  Our cleaning solutions are powerful to remove even the most stubborn stains, and yet they are pet and family-safe and won’t hurt the environment.

Pet Stains
Coffee and Tea
Water Damage
Mud and Dirt

Carpet Cleaning Process

Unlike many other carpet cleaning companies in Perth, A1 Carpet & Upholstery takes the time to ensure the job is done the first time correctly.  Our vast experience in all types of carpets ensures we can confidently remove most stains with our tried and tested cleaning process.

We know how to get your carpets looking like new which is why we:

  • Establish the type of stain and estimated age
  • Vacuum to remove any surface dirt
  • Initial treatment with one of our solutions
  • Steam Clean the spot area
  • Apply area with the second solution
  • Steam clean the entire carpeted area

When is it time to clean your carpet?

Carpet is one of Australia’s most used floor covering as it looks great and is fabulous to walk on.  However, over time your carpet can attract sand, dust, dirt and foreign objects like food.  These build up over time, not only making your carpet look second best but can also be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.

We recommend cleaning your carpets every 3-4 years to ensure your carpet is germ-free and looking great.  Regular carpet cleaning has also been proven to increase your carpet’s life span.

Our results

We have been providing quality and affordable carpet and upholstery cleaning throughout Perth where our modern equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions will leave your carpet looking and smelling fresh.

They did an amazing Job on my carpet and bed! They now look brand new again and nice fresh and clean. I highly recommended them for anyone that needs their carpets or beds to be cleaned and cleaned well!

Mariama Diallo

Their work was impeccable!! He was honest and direct about the condition of my carpet and sofa, keeping in communication at all times. He moved everything around to clean each small part.

Anagibeth Chocontá López

Nitesh was great from start to finish! He got me in within a day and he was very efficient! My rug has turned out amazing and smells so much nicer! Will definitely recommend Nitesh to others and will be using him again for my upholstery! Thanks again Nitesh

Krystal Berthelsen

Nitesh was very friendly and willing. He did a fantastic, very thorough job. He removed stains that previous upholstery cleaners could not. Excellent value, definitely recommended!

Neesha Neesha

The Service was Incredible. Nitesh was very professional and detail-oriented. We felt extremely satisfied with the job performed! Highly recommend!!!

Steve Randell 

Amazing Service by Nitesh!!! Showed uo on a very short Notice. He did a Fantastic Job on my Persian Rug & Couches. Highly !!! Highly!!! Recommend

Baljeet Shergill

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